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UBCO 2x2 Adventure Bike

UBCO 2x2 Adventure Bike

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Surprisingly Light, Seriously Versatile

Have you met the lightest and mightiest electric motorbike on the market? Let us introduce you. The 2X2 is just 155lbs and road registrable, making it easy to ride, easy to transport, and excellent for adventure. A strong alloy frame allows for safe travels and convenient cargo storage for the hiker, the camper, or the landscape photographer.

Regenerative braking, all-wheel drive, familiar gears, and an awesome power-to-weight ratio skyrocket the 2X2 into a class all its own. Unlike other motorbikes, the electronic throttle is intuitive and responds to your style of riding, customizing the experience. Whether you're cruising up the Rocky Mountains or down into red rock canyons, you’ll never forget what you see from the seat of your electric motorbike.

Able to travel up to 75 miles per change, the 2X2 is all adventure, and ready to chase the sunset. Featuring all wheel drive, and a state of the art braking system, your new adventure buddy won’t let you down. Before you twist the throttle and go, download the UBCO 2X2 app, which allows you to monitor and update your bike through bluetooth and location services. Make sure you have your bike turned on and in range before opening the app.


50kph | 30mph Top speed
66-71kg | 145-156lb Weight incl. power supply
70-120km | 43-75mi Max range
4-6 hours Charge time (Includes Fast Charger)

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