The inspiration for the brand’s name goes way back, back to their humble Spanish roots in the mid 1980s. It’s taken from ‘Vamos! Gas a fondo... gas gaaas!!!’ which translates to ‘C’mon, give it full gas!!!, Go... faster, faster!’. We then shortened it up a little to be GASGAS. Known worldwide, the simple throttle twisting hand action encourages people to get on the gas, push harder, and do their very best.

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Mountain Bikes

We've taken the rugged adaptability of a mountain bike and, with a little help from Bosch, made it even better. Our Reaction Hybrid and Stereo Hybrid series make go-anywhere versatility accessible to just about anyone. From forest trails to city streets and everywhere in between, smooth and quiet power assistance simply helps you on your way. You won't believe how much fun it is...

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The MOTO is made for cruising the urban jungle, transforming downtown into a super-fun playground. It’s a one-size fits all cruiser for maxing out fun on rides to work, the coffee shop, or just for getting you where you need to go to hang out with friends. The MOTO is high energy, vibrant, and pure fun.

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