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The Swiss firm Scott, have been manufacturing bikes since the late 1980s. Having introduced several revolutionary products to the industry in their first several years, the Scott eBike brand has grown from strength to strength and today is one of the most highly recognisable bike brands in the world.

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Our inventory and our manufacturers product is constantly evolving, with new models and options arriving daily. Reach out to us today, and let us help you navigate the ever-changing inventory to find the correct fit and style of bike.

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Mountain Bikes

Scott mountain bikes are the weapons of choice for many top level riders from around the world and they have won multiple World and Olympic titles. But we don’t rest on those successes, we continue to create and develop the best eMTBs in the world. And not only for good riders but for anyone who wants to be on a bike. You can be a cross country enthusiast, a trail lover, an enduro devotee, a crazy downhiller, you will find the perfect eMTB in the Scott range. 

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Diverse & Comfort Bikes

Tour / City

Stop worrying about crazy traffic jams, scarce parking spots and impossibly steep hills – and start enjoying your daily commute, looking forward to errands and living your city to the fullest! Scott electric city bikes are engineered to be powerful, comfortable and durable, ideal for those looking for a premium quality product, combining style and performance at the highest level.

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All Terrain

Looking for a bike that can easily hit the trails or want to ensure that your daily commute is comfortable, reliable and safe? Look no more. SCOTT All Terrain and Touring e-bikes take the best of both worlds - urban cycling and mountain biking - and mold them into a brand new form.

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